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Solar Party Shop

Frequent Questions

How do these Solar Lights work?

Solar Christmas Fairy lights are very convenient and flexible to use. No electricity is required so they can be installed without mains power. The solar panel attached to the LED lights helps power the LED Fairy lights by converting UV rays into energy which charges the battery. The battery turns the solar string lights on at night when the solar panel senses the sun going down. The solar panel can also sense light, such as at dawn, and will turn the LED's off again.

Are Solar Lights suitable for outdoors? 

Yes, these solar lighting products are highly water resistant (IP44 or above) as long as they are installed correctly (easy to follow instructions included). Solar Fairy Lights are ideal for Christmas, New Year parties, garden Wedding lighting, birthday party decorations, outdoor use, on verandahs, camping and for any other outdoor lighting requirements.

Will the Solar Panel charge on cloudy days? 

Yes, lights will still charge on cloudy days but they will just take a little longer to charge and may not stay on as long. On continuous rainy days (of 2 or more) the solar lights may stop working until the sun returns.

How much sun does the Solar Panel need? 

The solar panel should get full sun for at least 3-4 hours per day to allow it to work around 4-6 hours at night. A full charge of 8-12 hours in the sun will mean the lights will last 8+ hours. If the solar panel is under an awning, simply move it out into the sun as it may not be getting enough sun light (a position in north or east is best for longer sun charging). Do not have the solar panel close to an outdoor light or fluro lighting in the evening as this may trick the solar panel into staying off.

How long before my party/event should I buy solar powered lighting so I know they will stay on for my special occasion?

Solar Party Shop lights will be shipped to you partially charged. Make sure you have enough time to charge the lights for a full 8 hours in the sun before an event. You can also plan ahead where time permits. These lights can be charged for a minimum 8 hours (but ideally up to 12 hours) and then stored for a week before the party. They will not lose there charge during this time as long as they are not turned on/used.

Can I use these lights indoors for my party?

Yes, as long as you have charged the solar panel in full sun for at least 8 hours before the event, they can easily be moved inside for the party.  You will, however, need to cover the Solar Panel if other lighting is also on indoors to trick them into believing it is dark.

How do I care for the solar panel? 

The solar panel should be free of dust and any other residue. Clean as needed with either a soft cloth and water or include a mild dishwashing liquid. Do not use any abrasives. This will ensure optimum charging capabilities.

When installing the solar panel and/or controller, ensure that they are fixed to a solid surface that does not conduct heat or move around violently (for example do not wind the controller or solar panel loosely onto a surface where it will flap around in strong wind (mounting hardware is included). If placing on a roof or other heat conducting surface, ensure it is mounted on a block of wood or similar object capable of absorbing the heat. The solar panel and controller should be kept out of reach of curious children, pets etc. to ensure their longevity.

What are the range of LED colours available for Solar Christmas Fairy Lights?

Solar Party Shop solar LED Christmas lights are available in cool white, warm white, blue, pink and multicolour solar fairy lights. All of our solar Christmas lights use high quality grade 1 Ultra Bright LED's to ensure long lasting solar fairy lights that provide gorgeous decorations for your special occasion.

What is the difference between Warm White and Cool White LED's? 

When considering a colour wheel, warm white LED's have a yellower hue and cool white have a slightly blue hue. Neither light colour is better than the other. It all comes down to personal preference. The photo below represents the difference using clear white strands of LEDs.


Are the LED Bulbs replaceable? 

No the Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) in solar lights are not replaceable, but thankfully last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. LED's can work for 10,000-50,000 hours without faulting. If the lights are used for 8 hours each evening this equates to 3.4 to 17.1 years!

Will a strand of lights fail if one LED bulb breaks? 

No, just the one LED bulb will fail. This is unlike incandescent fairy light candle bulbs which take out around 4-10 lights in the strand. If you do incur a section of lights failing (while not a common problem) this will mean there is a break in the string cable somewhere and it can be repaired by soldering the wires back together.

When will you freight my Solar Christmas lights to me? 

Refer to our Shipping Information page for this information

How much will it cost to freight my Solar Christmas lights to me? 

Freight will be calculated at the time of checkout and automatically added to your order. 

As a guide, freight will be approx. $15.35 for up to 2 items sent by Parcel Post within Australia.  We offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 to within Australia by either Parcel Post or Courier depending on location.  Click on "Estimate Shipping & Tax" before checkout for the cost of shipping your items.

Would you like more information about Solar Party Shop and our Solar Christmas Lights? 

Please check out other sections of the Solar Party Shop website About Us & How to Choose your Solar LED String Lights

We sell our Solar Fairy Lights within Australia and Worldwide by request.