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How to Choose your Oudoor Solar LED String Lights

Solar Fairy Lights are powered by the sun converting UV rays into energy which charges the battery. The power stored in the battery, lights the Fairy Light LED's at night when the solar panel senses the sun going down. By understanding how each component of a solar light works, it becomes easier to pick out the good from the bad solar products in the market.

What to consider when buying Solar Powered Fairy Lights 

    1. Solar Cell Functionality

      Is your solar light using a pure solar cell OR a fragmented piece? Solar Cell Fragments will not charge the batteries as effectively as a good quality solar cell. Avoid buying solar fairy lights with uneven or unmatched solar pieces.

    2. The Size of the Solar Panel

      In a nutshell, more solar cells within the solar panel charge your lights faster. This is because the sun has a greater surface area to work with and therefore converts more energy more efficiently. Smaller solar panels on the other hand have less contact with the sun light so take longer to charge.

      Generally speaking, each additional solar cell strip will improve the charging time of your solar fairy lights as long as it is matched with the right battery. Remember, the faster and more efficient the sun light can charge your battery, the brighter your solar fairy light LEDs will be in the evening.

    3. The Battery Used

      Is the battery environmentally friendly and how long will the charge last (or how long will your solar powered lights stay illuminated)? NiMH batteries may cost a little extra but they are more environmentally friendly than NiCd batteries - also known as lead acid batteries. NiMH batteries are more eco savvy because they use a dry liquid which can be disposed of more easily, and they also last up to 3 times longer.

      NiMH rechargeable batteries cope better with partial sun light charges. This is important with solar fairy lights because the weather can at times be unpredictable. NiMH batteries have a "non-memory" effect which means they will continue to charge your solar fairy lights on cloudy days.

      Solar Party Shop only uses NiMH batteries in all of our LED Solar String Lights. Our range of solar Christmas lights LED will last a minimum of 8 hours in our standard range of outdoor lighting and 14+ hours on our commercial quality LED Solar Fairy Lights.

    4. The Operating Time

      The operating time is a general indication of the quality of materials used to make up the solar string lights. The lower the operating time quoted generally means fewer solar pieces and smaller battery capacity combination are used to make the solar lights.

    5. The Position of Solar Panel

      Solar Panels for our outdoor fairy lights are best placed in a true north to north east position in the Southern Hemisphere or true south position in the Northern Hemisphere. This, in most cases, will ensure maximum sun light exposure on the solar panels. The performance of the solar lights is dependent on the location of the solar panel and/or weather conditions. Shade and tree cover also needs to be considered. If true north or south is not the sunniest position for you because of garden foliage, buildings, trees or other shade cover, then moving up to 90 degrees east or west of this position should still provide adequate sun light to power your solar garden lights each night.

Product Features

The flexible features provided by Solar Party Shop products include:

    • Constant light mode or different decorative lighting modes to suit your style and personality. 

    • Auto record feature which remembers the last lighting mode you chose and returns your fairy lights to this function the following day.

    • Easily changeable batteries - most lights use AA rechargeable batteries readily available at a good hardware store.

    • Mounting hardware included in your purchase as well as the solar panel, batteries and LED's.

    • An OFF switch to turn the lights off in the evening if required.

Why choose Solar Party Shop LED fairy lights for your Christmas outdoor decorations, next party, wedding or simply to make your outdoor garden area come alive at night time?

At Solar Party Shop, we specialise in Solar Powered string lights and pride ourselves on using leading technology and quality components. Solar Party Shop strives to find the best LED Solar Fairy lights by designing lights with maximum solar panel to battery efficiency to ensure superior lighting performance. Our aim is to make sure our Solar string lights work effectively when you need them to create a beautiful decoration both outdoors and indoors. We know what makes a good solar light and consistently look for products that meet our stringent quality standards. 


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